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Mary King's Close
It was Ben's birthday today so we surprised him with cake, beer and balloons this morning. We went for breakfast at Salt Cafe where I had their granola for breakfast again. We then headed in to t...
One of the best things we used to do when we lived in London was meet up with our friends every weekend for brunch and I felt all nostalgic as we took everyone for breakfast at Montpeliers this mor...
Ben, Dave & Mel in Edinburgh
Ben, Dave & Mel have come up from London to visit us for a few days. They were hoping to catch the end of the festival but had come a little late, so we'd planned to make up for what they were ...
Google's Botanical Bash
Tonight was Google's Botanical Bash and all we told was to show up to King's Stables Road where a fleet of colourful vehicles would be waiting to whisk us off to a secret location. I was excited t...
181 Delicatessen
We have a new deli in Bruntsfield called the 181 Delicatessen that I was excited to check out. They sell a small range of delicious products and interesting kitchen tools. I wish I could have boug...
We put some beetroot in our pasta dough and made bright pink ravioli for lunch today. It looked so pretty.
We were sad to leave Roulotte Retreat this morning but Tom had planned for us to stop off at Torness Nuclear Power Station on our drive back to Edinburgh. I wasn't sure what to expect from a visit...
Roulotte Retreat
After waking up in our cozy gypsy caravan, we were in the mood to explore the area a little and started with coffee at the Main Street Trading Company bookstore. Our first stop was Kelso which had...
My Birthday
My birthday started super early this year with a midnight party with my parents, as we wouldn't be seeing them in the morning. My Mum had baked me a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing which wa...
Tom's Birthday
Today was Tom's birthday and I had a day of transport-themed surprises planned for him, starting with a homemade Figaro card and Figaro birthday cake. As we'd woken up at our hotel in Glasgow, we ...
Jenny & Rin's Scottish Wedding
Today was Jenny & Rin's Scottish wedding at House For An Art Lover in Glasgow and I couldn't resist making them a card inspired by our adventures in Skye. As they were already married after th...
It was time to head back home this morning and though there's so much to see in Skye that you could probably spend a whole week exploring, we felt we'd done a pretty good job in our two days.
After waking up early and tucking in the breakfast at our B&B, we were excited to get on the road and explore the rest of Skye. We spotted a highland cow with her calf alongside the road and s...
The Highlands
We packed up the Figaro and set off on our first Scottish road-trip this morning. Jenny & Rin were back from Japan, for their wedding on Sunday, and Kylie & Rob had flown over from Australi...
I was experimenting in the kitchen with beetroot this lunchtime and made some salmon & beetroot burgers:
I attempted to recreate Maleficent's makeup today for a photo shoot of my latest dress for Fabric On Demand:
I've fallen a little behind with my blogging recently and we've had so many amazing new Crafterella guest art submission recently, that I thought I'd include a little round-up today. The top one i...
The Secret Herb Garden
When I heard their was a new cafe with a garden, bees and furniture shop called The Secret Herb Garden on the outskirts of Edinburgh, I couldn't wait to check it out and take my Mum with me. We to...
Cocktail Hour
I finished sewing my Queen Of Tartan dress today, which is the latest dress in my Paperdoll Project collection and the most complex so far, with lots of twists and draping around the neckline. It l...
We decided to take our laptops to Lovecrumbs and work there today which was an awesome idea because it meant we could eat cake while we worked. We shared a chocolate tart and peanut butter brownie...
We won a couple of Chromecasts from Google, as part of their City Expert campaign and they arrived this morning. It works great with the TV and Tom's got plans to hack the second one to make Figaro...
Jammie Dodgers
I was dreaming up snacks for the perfect picnic the other day when I came up with the idea for Jammie Dodgers with savoury fillings. I made some today with goats cheese and caramelised onion chutn...
The cooking bug continued today as I attempted to make beetroot hummus for the first time. It was super tasty and Tom hates anything mushy, so I had the whole lot to myself. See Beetroot Hummus an...
Tom had finally had enough of his slow old laptop not being able to keep up with him, so despite the bad weather, we decided to drive through to Glasgow to get him a new one from the Apple Store.
Mum brought Nana through to visit today and we got to take her for her first ride in the Figaro. Afterwards we sat out in the sun while eating cakes at Falko.


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