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My work shoes were beginning to look a little scuffed up so I decided to give them an Irregular Choice style makeover with scissor print fabric and tape measures. Check out Seamstress Flats on Cut...
Mizna Wada created this amazing Crafterella comic called Zombie Vs Crafterella and just in time for Halloween. Mum & Dad came through to visit and we went for breakfast at Piece Box, which we ...
Little Red Riding Snood
Knitting projects stitch up so much faster when it's cold outside and this week, I finished making my Little Red Riding snood. It's made with hand dyed yarn from the Indie Yarn Store and it's so s...
Museum Of Fire
Mum brought Nana through today for a visit and we took her for a tour of the Fire Museum. We were the only group there but our guide was so friendly, even though it was his very first tour.
It's been a while since we visited Salt Cafe so we treated ourselves to drinks and cake after work today. I decided to give our wooden utensils a cute makeover by dipping their handles in copper p...
Amalia K created this amazing Crafterella art for Superhero Sunday. She looks so pretty and I'm really jealous of her pin cushion stool.
Board Game Night
The Secret Herb Garden is all lovely and overgrown at the moment and felt really Christmassy with this little robin singing next to us. We popped in to Thread & Heather so that my Mum could ge...
Katie & Phil came over to hang out after work so I mixed up some espresso martinis to perk everyone up. Phil brought some super tasty lebkuchen cookies that he'd baked. They didn't make it thr...
Blossoming Gifts sent me this gorgeous rainbow bouquet to get creative with and I was inspired to make an etched button vase for the office. It was so simple and looks really cute and crafty.
Happy Monday
Today was a super Happy Monday because Jenny stayed over last night and we took her for breakfast at the Roseleaf, where she drew a giant happy monster in the toilets. Our breakfast was so tasty a...
Today was awesome for lots of reasons, the first was that Julia Minamata had created this gorgeous geisha Crafterella for Superhero Sunday. I love her pin cushion hairband and might have to make on...
Tom invited Duncan over to watch the F1 tomorrow which is in Russian, so we headed to the Polish Deli to find as many strange sounding Russian snacks as we could. I also baked a batch of borsch cu...
It was a lovely Autumn day and we had a craving for some fish & chips at the seaside, so we headed off to North Berwick. We stopped off at Fenton Barns to have a look in 2nd Time Round antique...
I picked up some air plants while we were at the Eden Project last week and decided to use them to make terrariums for the office and Figgy. I wasn't sure if it would be really difficult to hollow...
It's really starting to feel like Halloween at the moment with so many crunchy leaves in the street. It's my favourite time of year and I love seeing everyones pumpkins on their doorsteps. Tom tre...
Braidy Hughes created this amazing Crafterella art this week. I love the colours! As well as the salmon smoking kit, we were also sent some delicious white chocolate & raspberry handmade marsh...
I should have listened when I was told not to speak to strangers because a really friendly man started talking to me about how tasty the cakes are at Falko and then managed to spoil this week's epi...
We got back from our road-trip to find an awesome box of goodies from Crafty Creatives waiting on the doorstep. This month's #PAPERHAUL box is filled with cat themed stationery and I can't wait to ...


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