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St Andrews Day
It was St Andrews Day and inspired by Scottish food, I decided to try my hand at making toffee for Katie & Phil. I infused the toffee by boiling down a bottle of Irn Bru into a thick syrup whi...
I've wanted an old fashioned school ruler with the CO+K logo on for a while when I had the idea to make my own using temporary tattoo paper. Check out Diy Ruler on Cut Out + Keep
Tom's started doing a little contracting work to make some extra pocket money over Christmas, and as it was technically his first weekend in ages, he treated me to breakfast at Blackbird this morni...
My copycat Burberry is starting to look like an actual trench coat and I'm quite impressed so far. I usually tend to rush when working on a project I'm really excited about, but this time I'm taki...
Lauren from Fair Rosamund Art created this gorgeous Crafterella illustration this week. She looks so pretty! I was experimenting with Percy's alcoholic ice tea today for Cocktail Hour and made a f...
Country Living Christmas Fair
We were invited to the Country Living Christmas Fair and a blogger event with Laura Ashley in Glasgow today, so we jumped in the Fig and headed through early this morning. The Country Living Chris...
We've got a new vegan cafe in Bruntsfield called Moon & Hare and got tempted in by the cute hare on the window. We shared a seaweed, carrot and hummus wrap which I really liked but wasn't quit...
Tattoo Shoes
I was getting crafty with a pair of Lotta From Stockholm clogs today and tattooing them with Crafterella. Check out Tattoo Clogs on Cut Out + Keep
Sock Dreams
Laura, Kenny & Claire came over to visit today and Laura had brought back treats from New York including a Lego Statue Of Liberty and some Halloween peeps. Sock Dreams sent me some of their kn...
Cat Versus Human
Yasmine from Cat Versus Human created this amazing Cat Versus Crafterella illustration and it sums up exactly how I feel. Squee!
Katie & Phil were at a wedding today, so they asked us to take care of their shop Thread & Heather. It was so much fun playing shop, chatting to customers about their craft projects and we...
Foodies Festival Christmas
This seasons Foodies Festival Christmas was held at the EICC in Edinburgh with hundreds of vendors selling and serving food, drinks and gift ideas, perfect for the holidays.
Jenny came through to visit today and we started off with breakfast at Milk Cafe. After a few cocktails back at our place, shaken in the name of work, we treated ourselves to cake at Falko before ...
Katie's Birthday
It was Katie's birthday today, so I baked a carrot bundt cake with cream cheese frosting, because she'd mentioned it was her favourite and invited them over after work. Someone from work had bought...
Anton Belardo created this amazing Crafterella internet mermaid edition art for Superhero Sunday this week and I love it sooooo much. It was kitten day for Crafterella today and we got quite emoti...
It's Katie birthday this week, so I made her (and myself while I was at it) a pincushion cushion for her craft room. This idea has been in my idea book for ages, so I'm glad to have finally got aro...
I love wearing hairbands but I only suits ones that sit at a certain angle, so I decided to make a hairband that I could easily snap on and off different accessories. We went for dinner, which Tom...
I'd scribbled down this idea for a Sweet November Cake years ago but always forgot to bake it when November came around... until this year. It's an apple and almond cake with Minus 55 gin in the s...
Day Of The Dead
We took a drive down to Lockerbie today to meet Ginny and her amazing cats. It was so misty on the drive down but we were up in the mountains and driving above the clouds at times which was really...


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