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Mum and Dad came over for breakfast this morning and I cooked everyone pancakes with Quorn bacon and maple syrup. Mum's not a fan of sweet and savoury so I improvised some Cinnamon, Apple & Ra...
We met up with Laura for lunch at Milk today. It's been ages since we last saw her so it was so nice to catch up. I love meeting friends for lunch - it feels like having a real job! I had a beetro...
Dremel sent me one of their Home Decor Kits to test out and it included an engraver which I couldn't wait to try. I made an etched daffodil candle holder and I'm really pleased with it, considerin...
I've been so impressed with all the Crafterella guest art that has been created recently so when Printic offered me one of their photos books, I though it would be a great idea to get them printed.
V Deep
There's a new hipster curry & beer bar in Leith called V Deep which opened this week and we were keen to try it out. It's owned by comedians Hardeep and Sanjeev and Tom didn't believe I was ta...
Still feeling a little woozy from the previous night at the pub, we picked up Ash & Rob and took them to the Secret Herb Garden for tea. Ash had saved us a little pumpkin hat she'd got with he...
We had lots of leftover ingredients from Pancake Day yesterday so I decided to get experimental and make some chocolate peanut pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious! I'm going to keep an ...
We were keen to see if we could find a copy of our book in a real life shop, so we headed into town today on the hunt for one. We were so excited when we found two copies in the craft section at B...
It was really sunny today and warm enough to put the roof down on Fig, so we used the nice weather as an excuse to drive to North Berwick and go for coffee at Steampunk. The baking at Steampunk is...
Valentine's Day
It was Valentine's Day today and Tom surprised me with a heart-shaped fried egg and smoked salmon muffin with prosecco for breakfast. He'd also got me an adorable teddy bear, some chocolates, a go...
We took my Nana and Mum to Maison De Moggy today. We were hoping it would be nice and quite because it was a weekday but it was still fully booked. The cats were a lot more relaxed than our first ...
Tom's phone broke last week and got to order a replacement. He decided to get his new one with bamboo on the back which looks very CO+K. We went for lunch at Coletti & Co on Lothian Road today...
I've been having so much fun mixing up cocktails for CO+K and inventing new recipes but, when Warner Edwards asked if they could recreate my Rhubarb & Ginger Gimlet for a Valentine's photo shoo...
We were up really early this morning, so I made some blueberry and muesli pancakes. I cooked them on our new hot plate, which worked really well meaning all four were ready at the same time.
We had such a huge delivery of gin from Eden Brewery yesterday that the post lady joked she was coming to our house for a drink when she dropped them off. I've been experimenting with the hop gin ...
Tom asked me "when was the last time you baked something that didn't have gin in it" as I brought my latest creation out of the oven. I've been experimenting with Darnley's View Spiced Gin this we...
We've been taking advantage of free parking Sunday by trying new restaurants around Edinburgh and this week, Tom picked Yocoko Noodle Bar on the North Bridge for lunch. We ordered a boat filled wi...


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