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Pepper Ink made me a set of their temporary tattoos using our logo and this gorgeous Crafterella art and they look gorgeous. It was a cat-lady-tastic Lego Tuesday this week when my Catwoman bike s...
Breakfast smoothies are the best and I mixed this one up with a banana, oats, peanut butter and yogurt. It was so easy and tasted great.
It's my Nana's birthday tomorrow, so we headed through to Burntisland to give her an early party. Dime didn't look too impressed to see us until we brought out the cake. I found some super cute p...
I'm pretty sure we woke up in the cosiest bed on earth this morning, in the bothy in Keava's parents garden, with Sammy curled up between us. Rosa had whisked up some tasty eggs for breakfast. The...
Keava & Rosa were looking after Keava's parents house in Carlops this weekend and they invited us down to stay at the farm for the night. When we were greeted by three adorable spaniels on arr...
The truffles I made last week were nommed up so quickly that I decided to make another batch but this time I filled them with coconut, chocolate chips and Skipper Rum. They tasted amazing and I'll ...
I made a batch of granola cakes for breakfast which were pancakes filled with granola and dried fruit. They were really filling and really tasty.
We woke up in our cosy bed at the Malmaison in Dundee this morning and it was time for breakfast in the bistro. Our cooked dishes took an hour to arrive, which was a bit annoying but my waffles wi...
Solar Eclipse
Tom made a last minute decision that we should head up to Aberdeen to see the solar eclipse, so we jumped in the car at 5 am and hit the motorway. A few hours later, we arrived in Aberdeen and pic...
I've been drawing a lot recently and Mum's been aiming to sketch a drawing each day too, so I decided to make us some pencil case covers for our sketchbooks. It's so handy for carrying around all ...
My goal for last month was to hit inbox zero every day and make it a habit which was a success, so I decided to reward myself with this awesome cat dress from ASOS. I was a little worried that it w...
Our book came out in the USA and the rest of the world today so it was exciting watching everyone receive it. Pam got her copy this morning and posted a photo - we had so much fun hanging out with ...
Drift Away Coffee sent us some of their coffee beans this morning, which was perfect timing as we really needed a Monday morning pick me up. I've been trying to think up a good system for organizi...
Mother's Day
It was Mother's Day today and I invited Mum and Nana over for a homemade afternoon tea. I'd spent the whole previous day baking and had made salmon & cream cheese pinwheels, jammy dodger red o...
I spent the whole day baking for our Mother's Day afternoon tea tomorrow and though I was exhausted by the end of it, we had a table filled with amazing treats. First, I baked a batch of lemon &am...
Lomography sent us their new instant camera the Lomo'Instant and we were excited to take it out for a spin. The camera is all the fun of the classic Lomography cameras, allowing you to take double...
There's an interview with us about our book in the new issue of Simply Handmade Magazine. There are even goofy looking photos of us on our trip.
A friendly man came to the door this morning with a giant box of alcohol for our upcoming Cocktail Hours. I'm glad we've built a new cocktail cabinet because we're going to need all the space we ca...
Hillarys Crafternoon
I read a Buzzfeed article about the 21 Things Everyone Must Eat In Glasgow that the donuts at Drygate Brewery were amazing so we decided to pop in for lunch.
Five Guys
I'm used to getting bottles of alcohol in the mail from drinks company but not chocolate and this morning we received a box of Thunder Toffee Vodka truffles and they were amazing. We visited Five ...
The Jolly Botanist
We loved the savoury muffins I made on Sunday and I had some supplies to use up, so I decided to make a new batch and this time I made sweet pecan, apple & cinnamon muffins which were also deli...
Museum Of Fire
We visited the Museum Of Fire this morning which is on the site of Edinburgh's first fire station. The museum is free to visit and the building is gorgeous with a dozen or so fire engines from dif...


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