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Kenny & Claire gave us this awesome hashtag marquee light for our birthday and it looks perfect on our desk. Even though I'm a few days behind, I've been continuing to bake along with the Grea...
We've not had our weekly brunch club in ages so we were super excited to meet up with Kenny, Claire & Laura for breakfast at The Paper Mill. Tom was very happy with this birthday present her go...
Louise In Wonderland
Duncan & Alex treated us to brunch at Tribeca as a birthday present this morning. I had waffles with Reese's peanut butter, washed down with root beer, which was amazing! It may have been a l...
Jamie is throwing an Alice In Wonderland surprise party for Louise tomorrow night so I decided to make top a top hat which looks like a teapot. It was so fast to make that I'd finished before Tom ...
Katie & Phil invited us over to their house to try Phil's home brew and meet their kitties this evening. I never like to show up empty handed, so I baked a batch of beercaroons which were wash...
Zazzle Office Makeover
The aim of the week was to give the CO+K office a shiny makeover with the help of Zazzle, starting with new CO+K mousepads, a Crafterella calendar for the pegboard, a new phone case and lots of cus...
Late 'N' Live
Mum treated us to breakfast at Odds & Ends this morning and if you thought Mars Crispy Cakes were tasty, you really have to try their Twix Crispy Cakes. Mum was off to a birthday party later a...
Yarn Crush
I got an exciting delivery in the mail this morning from Yarn Crush, a new subscription box for knitters. The box also included a stitch counter ring which has to be the handiest thing I didn't kn...
Today ended up being a super busy day without us having planned very much to do. First we met up with Joe & Sarah for breakfast and Seymour snuggles at Odds & Ends. Tom invited Duncan &...
Jurassic Terrarium
Mum got me all the supplies for making a terrarium for my birthday and I couldn't wait to start planting it. I decided to make it a Jurassic terrarium with toy dinosaurs and giant mushrooms inside...
Mum treated me to this really pretty house plant for my birthday. We'd spotted it at the botanics in Glasgow months and months ago and she'd spent ages trying to find out what it was. I love how th...
My Birthday
It was my birthday today and Tom treated me to breakfast pastries and a glass of bubbly when I woke up. He gave me my presents early, because some of them would be really useful during the day, in...
Tom's Birthday
It was Tom's birthday today and I couldn't resist waking him up with a tower of rainbow pancakes this morning. Check out Rainbow Pancake Cake on Cut Out + Keep Each pancake was spread with eithe...
When I found out the Alison worked at George Herriot's school, which inspired Harry Potter, I couldn't resist asking her what it was like to work in Hogwarts and then she invited us for a tour.
I'd planned to make some mustardy hassleback potatoes to have with dinner last night but as we had to rush out for a picnic, I decided to make them for breakfast this morning instead. Check out Mu...
This week's British Bake Off Challenge was to bake biscotti so I attempted my own entry with chocolate orange & hazelnut flavour. I hope I make it through! Check out Chocolate Orange & Hazelnu...
Jackalopes have definitely become a trending theme in my summer crafting and I've just put the finishing touches on this new hat stand for our bedroom. It's made from a cheap rabbit mask, some wood...
Flavourly sent us one of their new craft beer boxes, much to the delight of Tom, who wanted to start cracking bottles open straight away. I cooked him a batch of honey beer nuts to have as a bar s...
It's not everyday then I get free shoes in the mail, so this morning I felt especially lucky when this gorgeous pair of Lotta From Stockholm clogs arrived for me to craft with.
Hedwig & The Angry Inch
I've never really watched The Great British Bake Off before, which is a little surprising because I get sent all the cookbooks, so this season, I've decided to watch and bake along. Check out Lemo...
Foodies Festival
We had press passes for the Foodies Festival down at Inverleith Park this weekend so we headed along to check it out. The best way to describe the festival was like a giant farmers market, with do...
Get Your Own Back
After not seeing Ailsa in years, we got to see her twice this week and met up for cocktails at Paradise Palms. It was the perfect place for people watching and trying to spot comedians. Katherine R...
Hoot The Redeemer
We haven't seen Ailsa in years so I was so excited when she said she was free tonight to come to the Festival Magazine launch party. We started with drinks at Hoot The Redeemer, a new fun-fair the...
I've been reorganising my craft space a lot recently and one of the tedious tasks was winding all of my embroidery thread onto new cat-shaped card spools. They look so much cuter and tidier but it ...
Emma Munger created this amazing comic strip of Crafterella & Bobbin called Decou-Paws and I laughed so much when it first arrived in my inbox. I love all the little details and jokes hidden in...
I rediscovered my craft idea book that I started when I lived in Dundee and haven't seen since we moved out of London. Every time I had a craft idea, I'd draw it in my book and if I ever got around...


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