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Everyone keeps saying Bobbin has grown but it's hard for us to tell because we see her everyday... until she does something like this. I've been working on a top secret collaboration for Superhero...
My KitchenAid feels like the gift that keeps on giving because there was an offer for free goodies from Joseph Joseph when Tom ordered it. A set of cutting mats, knives and a kitchen scale arrived ...
Stag Night
We met up with Calum for cocktails and sweet potato fries at the City Diner after work today. It's been ages since we saw him last so he had lots of photos of Starbuck to show us on his phone.
Lucky Cat Lady
I think I must be really easy to buy presents for because I got two of the same lucky cat jumpers this Christmas. Luckily, I was able to take one back and exchange it for this adorable matching dre...
We were lucky enough to try some Shetland Reel Gin at the Foodies Festival last month and they offered to send me a couple of bottles to cook with. I loved the stamps on the box they arrived in fr...
Say It Ain't Sew
Alison invited me along to Say It Ain't Sew this evening, a weekly craft night held at Cabaret Voltaire. It's not often I get to be my fully crazy crafty cat lady in public but tonight it was acti...
The new issue of Thrive Magazine popped through the letter box this morning and I couldn't wait to see one of my recipes in print. I've been baking so much recently, that I thought it would be a g...
One of our Secret Santa gifts on CO+K this Christmas was Gasoline by Dame Darcy. I was just settling down to read it for the first time today when I spotted this lovely note on the back of the fro...
Thrive Magazine
We've been inspired to give our dining table a bit of a love after all the Christmas dinner parties, so I crafted a set of animal ear napkin rings. Check out Animal Ear Napkin Rings on Cut Out + K...
Lisa Cinar created this adorable illustration of Crafterella & Bobbin for Superhero Sunday today and I can't help thinking how much it looks like my new profile photo.
I finally got a chance to give my KitchenAid a whizz today, baking macaroons for Duncan & Alex while getting ready for their house party. The mixer took care of the hard work and whisked up th...


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