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I've been trying to come up with a nice way to organize and display my seed bead collection and decided to make a marquee sign for the top of my bead board. I've used small glass vials to look lik...
We went for dim sum with my Grandma and parents this morning, which game the chance to wear my adorable lucky cat necklace that Lauren gave me for my birthday. We went for a walk down in Crammond ...
Colony of Artists
The Colony of Artists down in Leith were having an open doors weekend, so we popped along to check out their work. It was a little intimidating going into strangers houses and felt a little like H...
Bobbin got to take a ride in Fig through to Burntisland today and was super excited when she got to look out the window. She got to look out the window while we were stopped at Tesco to get her so...
Yay, my Grandma is over visiting from Canada and came through to see me today. We took her to the Roseleaf for lunch where I had nutmeg gnocchi topped with caramelised apples and pine nuts. It was...
My hair gets so tangled when we drive around in Figgy with the roof down, so I decided to make myself a driving scarf. I carved a rubber stamp in the design of a Figaro and then printed a silk sca...
Levenhall Links
We felt in the photo taking mood today, so we jumped into Fig and went for a drive along the coast. I spotted some birds just off the shore at Musselburgh, so we pulled over to take some snaps wit...
Stick & Poke
One of my Bucket List items was to give someone a tattoo, so when Katie asked if I could give her one with a Stick & Poke tattoo kit, I jumped at the chance!
I finally got to try out my new rolling pin from Joseph Joseph today while baking cookies. It comes with different sized circles to add to either side to get the perfect thickness of dough. I used...
Woodland Creatures
Tom got me a Harley Quinn dress for my birthday and it arrived today. It's super cute and will give me something to read on the bus. Alison & Martyn were babysitting Marvin, an adorable puppy...


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