Rock 'N Roll Bride • Cat Morley

Welcome to the first ever Crafter To The Stars - a new feature where I'll be crafting for my favourite celebrities and sharing the tutorials with you.

This week I'm crafting a cameo necklace for the awesome Kat from Rock 'N Roll Bride and to celebrate the launch of the feature, I'm giving you the chance to win your own personalised necklace too (scroll down to the bottom for details).

Kat's pink hair and rock 'n roll style translated perfectly in to the necklace combining pink shrink plastic with a chunky metal chain and lots of crystals for added sparkle. You can use this same technique to turn any portrait photo in to a cameo and I can't wait to see your versions.

"Thank you so much for my beautiful necklace. I can't believe how creative and genius the design is! I've had so many comments on it already, people can't believe it was DIY! Keep up the fabulous work!"

Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi, I'm, Kat and I run the wedding blog which is all about alternative weddings. I started my blog when I was planning my own wedding to Gareth in 2007. At the time I didn't even consider this could become a career, I simply wanted a place to collate all my wedding ideas and inspiration.

Throughout my planning I discovered American wedding blogs. I loved the instant nature of blogging - how you could comment and feel part of a community. I wanted to be a part of that. After my wedding was over I didn't want to give up weddings or blogging so I decided to morph my blog into a place for alternative wedding inspiration. Although I loved the wedding blogs I'd found throughout my plans, none of them catered to the specific kind of bride or style of wedding that I wanted - the alternative, the offbeat and the Rock n Roll.

Fundamentally, I blog about alternative weddings. To people that don't understand what a wedding blog is, I simply describe it as just like a wedding magazine only online. This year I've also expanded the blog into a new section, called The Green Room where I write about running your own business.

When you were a kid - what did you want to be when you were older?

Oooh various. I was always very undecided and I think it changed on a daily basis. I wanted to be everything from a ballet dancer to a rockstar to a teacher!

What are your best and worst habits?

My best and worst is probably that I'm very obsessive... in a good way mostly! If I love something I REALLY love something - which is good for my work at the moment because I really love what I do! My husband (who also works with me) will probably say that my worst is that I'm pretty demanding on myself (and him!), I wont take no for an answer and I want things done now now now!

How would you describe your style and who are you ultimate style icons?

My style is eclectic and colourful! I want to be playful with my fashion choices. There's nothing worse to me than blending in with everyone else! My style icons are Gala Darling, Vivienne Westwood and Lady Gaga ha!

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you choose and, if you could join any band which would it be?

I'm actually quite happy being me right now! I wouldn't mind looking a bit more like Angelina Jolie though!

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Well I just got back from Las Vegas and I LOVED it. My all-time fave place to visit is probably New York. I'm going back in May and I can't wait!

Do you do any crafts and what do you like to make?

I don't, I wish I was crafty but I'm really not haha!

Where do you find inspiration?

Oh everywhere. Seriously, a harder question would be where do I NOT find inspiration!

What would your dream day look like?

Waking up late and spending the whole day hanging out with my best girlfriends shopping, gossiping, giggling, eating and drinking! Then coming home to Gareth and spending the night on the sofa with movies, wine and a take away! Glam huh!?

Finally, if you could have three wishes, what would they be?

For an extra day in the week, for all woman (myself included) to love themselves for who they are and to realise what wonderful creatures they are, and for my friends & family to be happy and healthy.

Win a personalized necklace!

To win your own necklace like the one I made for Kat, leave a comment telling us what you'd make for her and why?

Contest closes on May 1st. Good luck!

Congratulations to our winner Sheridan!

Find out more about Kat on her blog Rock 'N Roll Bride. (Photography by Emma Case)