Alexa Chung • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of TV presenter turned fashion icon Alexa Chung...

It never seems like Alexa has to try too tried hard to look as chic as she does but this week we're going to try really really hard to achieve her effortless look:

  1. Make an embellished chainmail collar with Kristen T.
  2. Keep your hair out of your way with a chic messy bun like Merie.
  3. Dye an ombre trench dress with Frankly Serious.
  4. Tote your accessories from London to NY with Modesty Fashions' Anthropologie Style Bag.
  5. Pair with That girl Christie's leather vest.
  6. Make your own version of Ren Ariel S's DIY Chanel cut out gloves.
  7. Accessorize with an I <3 NY ring by Cherrypie.
  8. Make a string and hexnut bracelet like Kate L.
  9. Paint the cutest scalloped trim nails with Jill.
  10. Complete the look with Ren Ariel S's red & black booties.

Do you love Alexa's style?