Cassie from Skins • Cat Morley

This week we're going to DIY The Look of Cassie from UK TV show Skins. She's cute, quirky and wears lots of crafty accessories... so this should be an easy one!

I've been admiring Cassie's quirky fashion sense ever since the first series of Skins came on the TV - especially her water gun filled with vodka and watch strapped around her ankle.

  1. Turn a toy water gun in to a hair clip with Becky M, like Cassie's vodka filled one.
  2. Cover yourself in CallyBell's cheap and easy body glitter.
  3. Create a rose epoch look with Doe Deere.
  4. Make your own version of Maja's polka dot tank.
  5. Sew a plaid jacket like Fekete E.
  6. Accessorize with Yaella Q's two-sided mustache necklace.
  7. Paint your nails metallic baby blue like Jen.
  8. Pull the look together with multiple of elisemarley's boy belts.
  9. Alison R will teach you how to make an umbrella skirt.
  10. Paint a super easy oriental bangle with japaya.
  11. Make Cat Morley's watch bracelet to wear around your ankle like Cassie does in the show.
  12. Redesign an adorable pair of pumps with BexBax.

Could you wear a watch around your ankle? And which TV characters would you like to dress like?