Hocus Pocus • Cat Morley

This week I'm getting witchy for DIY the look with Sarah from the movie Hocus Pocus.

Hocus Pocus was my favourite movie to watch at Halloween when I was little and I loved Sarah Jessica Parker's character the most. All set? Let's get witchcrafty:

  1. Recreate my midnight blue make-up.
  2. Accessorize with Melanie's mini witch hat.
  3. Make your own beaded necklace like Laura.
  4. Turn a blanket in to a cape like StephanieM.
  5. Sew a beaded corset top with Kaeleira.
  6. Pair with Natalia's gothic skirt.
  7. Complete the look with squeakydog's glitterama boots.
  8. Add a touch of magic with a potion necklace by LollypopLoz.

What's your favourite movie to watch at Halloween?