Kat Von D • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of tattoo artist Kat Von D and I promise it won't hurt a bit...

There's a lot more to Kat's look than tattoos so you better be ready to take a pair of scissors to your favourite band's t-shirt and rock some awesome accessories:

  1. Rock some music make-up like Ms Rainbow.
  2. Accessorise with my High Voltage Necklace.
  3. Cut up a Kat Von D Style Shirt with the help of Mi.ezekatze.
  4. Represent the bands you love with some of Rebekah M's fashion pins.
  5. Paint some faux or henna tattoos like Alyssadawnn.
  6. Sew one of Megan S's corset vest.
  7. Make a pair of stripey pants on the cheap like Eisbar.
  8. Copy Lilla and pimp your belt.
  9. Turn an old studded belt in to a bracelet with Frankie S.
  10. Kick up to the parlour in a pair of Gwenive's shoes that are good for your wallet.

Do you want to try and pull of Kat's look?