Katniss Everdeen • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of Katniss from The Hunger Games. Get ready to be the girl on fire...

I knew The Hunger Games was going to be good when dozens of projects for it started rolling in on CO+K. Harriet gave me a loan of all three books last week, which I've happily finished and so this week, I'm going to DIY the look of the main character Katniss:

  1. Tie up your hair in a Katniss style fishtail braid with Katy A.
  2. Paint a Mockingjay shirt with rena.
  3. Create a simple metallic gold make-up look like Belladonna B.
  4. Pull your outfit together with brie lauren's belt waist corset.
  5. Be ready for action with a pair of Eisbar's stripey pants.
  6. Make your own version of the Mockingjay pin like EatAMyOshi.
  7. Be the girl on fire with Tina's Hunger Games fire nail manicure.
  8. Complete the look with a pair of reconstructed old boots by Fobrici.

Have you read The Hunger Games book or seen the movie and what did you think?