Mary-Kate & Ashley • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of Mary-Kate and Ashley, bringing you two looks for the price of one...

The Olsen twins are loved by designers, so it's no surprise to see them draped head-to-toe in expensive couture. This can be a hard look to DIY but I love a challenge:

  1. Glitz up with a pair of Jacky F's gold sequin earrings.
  2. Make your own eyeliner pot with Kata B.
  3. Hide behind a pair of CheerLiveWire's upcycled sunnies.
  4. Make a pair of Anthropologie style frozen waves earrings with soccerqueen105.
  5. Create a studded shoulder blazer like Jenna C.
  6. Recreate Alex B's down the rabbit hole bracelet.
  7. Sew an elastic maxi dress like the one Bobbie L made.
  8. Go designer with an oversized Chanel clutch by Audrey Kitching.
  9. Get the nautical look with CHEL(in the)SEA's ribbon and chain bracelet.
  10. Make an edgy coil ring with Inol.
  11. Stand tall in Charley H's Long Live McQueen heels.
  12. Or DIY a pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes with Chantelle fashion.

Who's your favourite designer?