Moonrise Kingdom • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of Susie and Sam from the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Let's go on an adventure...

We went to see this movie on Monday and it was instantly my new favourite. I loved the characters, the locations, the props and the wardrobe. Dig out your old girl scout badges and let's get crafty:

  1. Recreate Susie's make-up with Hallucinogenic_lipstick's green eyeshadow tutorial.
  2. Turn some plastic creepy crawlies in to earrings like Nick H.
  3. Turn a furry sweater in to a hat with to look like Sam's hat.
  4. Combine with Kida T's fox tail made out of yarn.
  5. Make a Peter Pan collar out of a smock with Yasmine B.
  6. Pair with Maize Hutton's Lauren Moffat look-alike dress.
  7. Sew some boy scout style scrap fabric brooches with bella.
  8. Carry your kitty in a refashed straw bag like gwenstella.
  9. Finish Susie's look with some Sunday School style collage shoes by Lana Raye.
  10. Sew a fancy kitty plushie with judithchen to look like Susie's kitten.
  11. Don't resort to sucking pebbles by bring your own version of Jeanette W's water bottle holder.

Have you seen the movie yet and what did you think?