Regina Spektor • Cat Morley

This week I DIY the look of the super talented singer & songwriter, Regina Spektor.

I love Regina's music and her tomboy pin-up style, so she was the perfect choice for this week's DIY the look. Grab your songbook and let's get started:

  1. Add some mermaid waves to your hair with Sarah.
  2. Accessorize with a combat cap like Expired Sanity.
  3. Recreate Doe Deere's Russian royalty make-up.
  4. Get magical powers from a unicorn ring like Mary.
  5. Sew a ruffled t-shirt like Maja.
  6. Add some Soviet kitsch to your look with Boebba's matroskas.
  7. Write down your song ideas in Ashley's felt composition notebook.
  8. Make a paper bag skirt with the help of Jule.
  9. Add a little quirk to your look with Rachel's tiny terrarium necklace.
  10. Turn old shoes new with bisozozo.

Do you love Regina's music?