Taylor Momsen • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of the Pretty Reckless singer and Gossip Girl star, Taylor Momsen. Grab lots of black eyeshadow and get smudging...

Taylor Momsen might not be to everyone's taste but I quite like her gothic Courtney Love look - combining feminine lace and bows with chains, ripped tights and very thick black eye-make-up.

  1. Paint yourself some gothic black panda eyes like Ruth.
  2. Style your hair with Cassiae's hair twists.
  3. Sew a lace bow for your hair with Brenda.
  4. Make a necklace out of a tangle of chains by Alex.
  5. Pair with Stacy's gothic inspired agate cross necklace.
  6. Sew a lace tank dress with help from Van.
  7. Glam up your wrists with Joline's leather chain bracelet.
  8. Shred a pair of tights like Carly.
  9. Sew a pair of Carly's boot covers from a leather jacket.
  10. Look totally rock chick with Carly's spiked crystal ring tutorial.

What do you think of Taylor's look?