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Driving Dakota
Last night Bruno told us about Al's, which is the narrowest diner as it's built inside an alleyway. Bob Dylan use to eat here and apparently they do the most amazing breakfast.
We woke up to an amazing sunset out of the hotel window this morning. Breakfast was included with our room and you got to make your own waffles. My one turned out perfectly. I had the flavour of ...
Road Trip To Minnesota
Early this morning, Tom and I jumped in the car and headed off on our first long road trip to Minneapolis. I couldn't resist taking a photo of our car as we passed this super shiny trailer.
The Dundee Dell
We've been working super hard on the new issue of Snippets, so we rewarded ourselves with lunch at the Dundee Dell. We were super hungry, so we shared nachos and fried pickles to start. I then had...
Omaha Fashion Week
Today there was a free airshow at Offut Air Base. We drove down to a near by parking lot and then there were school buses to take us the rest of the way. There were dozens and dozens of planes, in...
Omaha Block Party
Tom and I got up really early this morning and went for breakfast at Lisa's Radial Cafe. It was the perfect breakfast and they split our pancakes and skillet on to two plates, with all the meat on...
Rock 'N Roll Bride
We worked from Caffeine Dreams today where we spotted a piece of Lindsay Tonielle Lockwood's art which had sold. She didn't know and was so excited when we told her.
Motel Art
Jason Little (the author of Shutterbug Follies) sent us a copy of his new comic Motel Art Improvement Service and it looks so good.
Guitar Pick Punch
We were sent a pick punch this morning which is the coolest thing ever. You can punch picks out of anything you like including old credit cards, folders and bits of plastic. We'll be doing a give...
Angry Birds
My photo booth strips from PopBooth arrived today. They look awesome so I'll definitely be ordering more in the future.
Freemont County
We were planning to sleep in this morning when we were woken up by the fire alarm and had to evacuate the building. As we were up, we decided to make the most of it and go for breakfast at Louie M...
Nebraska Safari
I thought we'd spend today recovering from all the fun we had over our birthdays but Tom told me we were going on a mystery road trip. We jumped in the car and after half an hour of driving, we end...
Henry Doorly Zoo
Today was my birthday, so after opening cards and presents we headed out on an adventure. Every birthday girl should have a pink donut with sprinkles for breakfast. We drank orange juice from the...
American Birthday
Today was Tom's birthday, so after opening cards and presents in bed, we jumped in the car and hit the road. Even the cash machines are drive through here! We then went for breakfast at the IHOP, ...
Extreme Co-Working
Dave and Megan have been running an Extreme Co-Working week at Camp where everyone is invited to come and work, drink Red Bull and watch Vin Diesel movies. We headed along for a while this morning.
Our First Car
We got our first ever car today, which is a Dodge Neon. Our mechanic friend Joe dropped it off this afternoon and showed us how to change the oil and where all the important things are. He's also g...
The World's Smallest Post Service
We received the world's smallest post service kit from Leafcutter Designs to play with today. The kit includes everything you need to write tiny letters, including a magnifying glass to read them.
Coney Island Lagers
This morning our mechanic friend Joe brought over a new car for us to check out. It looks perfect and, if all goes well, we'll be driving it around on Tuesday. We went for lunch and frozen margari...
A Crafty Superhero Is Born
We finally launched the first ever issue of my Crafterella comic book. You can read it now on the Cut Out + Keep Facebook page.
Beer And Loathing In Dundee
We went car shopping today on Saddle Creek where we took this car for a test drive. It seemed okay, though the horn didn't work and there was a strange sound coming from the boot. Our mechanic frie...
Tim Kasher
We went back to Red Mango today to get frozen yogurt. Tom wasn't too convinced that he liked it but after a few spoonfuls, he couldn't stop himself. This time we tried cinnamon and vanilla yogurt...
Kat Von D
This week I'm going to DIY the look of tattoo artist Kat Von D and I promise it won't hurt a bit... There's a lot more to Kat's look than tattoos so you better be ready to take a pair of scissors ...
Liza Girl
Cut Out + Keep was in a Russian magazine called Liza Girl. One of my members transcribed it for me and she said it says "Forty thousand brilliant master classes for all occasions, from multi-colore...
Graffiti Creatures
There's been lots more of these cute things popping up around Omaha. We went back to Julio's for dinner this evening. We started with blended margaritas which were so good. We then shared the ga...
Donut Stop
Tom ordered me the prettiest Tarina Tarantino necklace for my birthday and it arrived today. The pendant is a pair of scissors, so it's a proper seamstress necklace and has skulls with diamante ey...
I finished a new iPad painting today. It's so addictive.
We finally had some $5 notes today, so we headed to the Bemis Centre to get some art from the Art-O-Matic vending machine. There were so many cool things to pick from. We got a 3D art box and a b...
A Bicycle Made For Two
The Impossible Project sent me a second batch of film to replace our first botched batch of polaroids. I can't wait to get snapping.
Saigon Surface
My Cambridge satchel arrived this morning and it's even prettier in real life. I love the colour! I got the 14" which is the perfect size as it fits my laptop perfectly and the iPad slots snuggly ...
Jackson Street Tavern
This evening we met up with Danion and Josh for dinner at the Jackson Street Tavern. Danion's been a member of Cut Out + Keep for ages and has posted loads of great projects. I ordered the tuna mel...


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