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Leaving The Good Life
Today was our last day in Omaha, so we hired a Uhaul truck so that we could donate all of our furniture to charity. We rewarded ourselves with dinner at McFosters. The food is so good but the ser...
The Bullet Hole
This morning we took my parents to Henry Doorly Zoo. We started off in the Desert Dome which is just amazing. We went down in to the Creatures Of The Night to find the albino alligator in the swa...
Mum & Dad In Omaha
We started today off with breakfast at Lisa's Radial Cafe. My Mum and Dad loved how cosy it was and ordered lots of food. Afterwards my Dad was so full that he thought he could never eat again.
We went to Stella's Burgers for lunch today, which is suppose to be one of the best restaurants in Omaha. They do a challenge where you have to eat a stellanator which is burger after burger pille...
Les Femmes Folles
I was interviewed for the blog Les Femmes Folles, a blog which showcases awesome women in Omaha. Check them out at
Brain Wash
Tom and I went for one last Sunday Happy Hour at Blue Sushi this morning. This will be the thing we miss most about Omaha I think. Afterwards we went for pumpkin flavoured frozen yogurt at Red Ma...
Ruby Red Shoes
I made a pair of ruby red shoes before we our trip so that I could wear them in Kansas. I'm hoping they'll be the first project in a book we're wanting to make. This morning we headed out earliest...
This morning I was sent an Instax polaroid camera to play with. It works so well and the colours are so much brighter and better than my other polaroid. I also love the way it develops from white.
Taylor Momsen
This week I'm going to DIY the look of the Pretty Reckless singer and Gossip Girl star, Taylor Momsen. Grab lots of black eyeshadow and get smudging... Taylor Momsen might not be to everyone's tas...
This morning we woke up in Kansas City which is actually in Missouri. We had breakfast at the Blue Bird Bistro which was really nice. I tried their 14th Street Benedict which had spinach and cape...
We woke up in Oklahoma City this morning. We went for a walk around the Bricktown which was really pretty with canals running through it. We went for cupcakes at Pinkitzel. They even sold cupcak...
This morning we woke up in Memphis. Our first sight was to drive by Elvis's home Graceland. It was huge and you could see his planes parked next to the road. Afterwards we drove to downtown Memp...
Walking In Memphis
This morning we woke up in Louisville, Kentucky. We headed downtown where we got to meet Colonel Sanders. We then went for breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. It was the brightest, most colourful...
We woke up to find that the Dodge had a flat tire again this morning, so we took it in for repair. It turned out that all of the tires were really worn down so we had to leave it to get them all re...
Motown Junk
We loved Chicago but it was time to head east to Indianna this morning. Our one stop was to Gary, Indiana to see the house where Michael Jackson was born.
The Windy City
This morning we went for breakfast at the Chicago Diner, an awesome vegan diner which came highly recommended from Elisha on Cut Out + Keep.
We started this morning off with breakfast at Milk & Honey, a cute cafe in Wicker Park. I tried a bowl of their famous granola which was delicious. The Renegade Handmade store was next door.
Dead Moines
This morning we set off on our biggest road trip yet, where we'll see the remaining mid-western states. Our first mini-stop was Stuart in Iowa to see a bank which had been robbed by Bonnie & C...
The Reader
This morning we had a meeting with Omaha newspaper The Reader downstairs at Aroma's. They were keen to hear about our road trip and we discussed various projects we could work on together... so mor...
Lady Luck
It looks like Freddie is working in the office when Tom wears his MailChimp hat. We went food shopping and I couldn't resist getting a $10 manicure.
Cowboy Boots & Comic Books
We've not been in a few weeks, so we decided to go to Blue for Happy Hour sushi again today. The Flying Worm boutique were offering 50% off their entire store today, so I took the chance to buy a ...
Today was Barcamp Omaha, a conference where anyone is welcome to speak for 30 minutes on anything the like relating to tech, creativity or entrupernership. The best talk we saw was on how to use y...
Ted & Wally
This morning Ted and Wally invited us along to the shop to make ice cream with them. We made a vegan sweet potato halva which tasted amazing but won't be ready for another few days. The machinery ...
Fashion Night Out
We went for lunch at Blanc again today. The cous cous portobello burger is always so good. Tonight was Fashion Night Out and Brook Hudson who runs Omaha Fashion Week invited us to browse the bout...
The Good Life
We spent today driving back to Omaha. We were behind the sherif for part of the trip, who was transporting someone to the prison. They have signs telling you not to pick up hitchhikers.
Drive-In Triple Feature
This morning we went for breakfast at the Jelly Cafe. There were cereal boxes on the walls, chandeliers made from tea cups and cutlery and super cute male / female signs on the toilets.
Colourful Colorado
This morning we headed for breakfast in Boulder, which is a short drive from Denver. We'd been recommended Lucille's by a Cut Out + Keep member, who said we hadn't lived until we'd had breakfast h...
Road To Colorado
At 2am this morning, we decided to book a hotel and head to Colorado for a few days. We arrived in Lincoln, the state capital of Nebraska just in time for breakfast. We went to the Two Twins Cafe...
We launched Snippets 25, The Wedding Issue today with the awesome Kat Williams from Rock 'N Roll Bride on the cover.
Harouki Zombi
We think Workers Diner make the best lunch in Omaha. We spent the day working really hard, so rewarded ourselves with a lunch break. I had the spicy tuna melt again which is delicious.


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