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Hundy Mundy
Jim & Christine came to visit today and we took a drive down to the borders through the countryside. There were new born lambs and calves in almost every field. We stopped at the Main Street ...
It's rained almost every day this week so we've been getting so much work done.
Mary-Kate & Ashley
This week I'm going to DIY the look of Mary-Kate and Ashley, bringing you two looks for the price of one... The Olsen twins are loved by designers, so it's no surprise to see them draped head-to-t...
A Date With Lomography
We got our first batch of Lomography photos back from the printers and were pretty impressed for our first go. The double exposure ones are my favourites and the ones with a coloured flash. Keep a...
Hanging WIth Miquette
We got to hang out with Miquette and baby Hazel today. We went for lunch at Toast where I had a delicious salmon sandwich. We then took a walk through the meadows and wondering if we'd bump in to...
Vietnam House
Cut Out + Keep was featured in Omaha newspaper, The Reader. Sally sent us a copy in the mail so we could check it and also turn the pages in to a paper wallet for her blog Les Femmes Folles. I mis...
Pressing Flowers
My parents headed back home today, so Tom and I went out for lunch at Blackwood Coffee. On the way home I couldn't resist picking the blossom from the trees. Dad made me a flower press for my bir...
Tool Time
Dremel sent me a 7700 cordless multi-tool, so my Dad and I spent the day making a birdbox. There's nothing better than father and daughter bonding time over power tools.
Sunday Brunch
We went for breakfast at Toast again this morning. I think it's my favourite cafe in Edinburgh. I had the vegetarian breakfast which was delicious! Afterwards we went to Falko for cake where my D...
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the awesome things I've seen on the net this week... One day I want an amazing retro kitchen - look how many mixers they have! We're so in love with our new Kit-Cat Clock. We'll ...


My parents came through to visit today and we went on a plant shopping spree in B&Q. While there, I asked one of the staff where I could find blackboard paint to be told they don't stock it any...
Paper Cut Eyelashes
I've been playing around with making my own paper eyelashes this week. They work really well and I can't wait to make more in all kinds of designs - like spiderwebs for Halloween.
iPhone Rangefinder
I was sent an iPhoto Rangefinder from Photojojo a few weeks ago to test out and see if it would be good for crafters. I was really impressed with the snap-on lenses, especially the macro and you c...
Kit-Cat Clock
We were woken up by a very exciting delivery from the postman this morning. Kit Cat Clock sent us one of their amazing wiggly eye and tail cat clocks to help decorate our new office.
Scrapbook Round-Up
Here's a sneak peek at some of the things I've been sticking in my scrapbooks this week... Send me your clippings too. I love seeing your inspirations!
Old Pentland Cemetery
My parents came through after work today and we stopped off at the Old Pentland Cemetery. This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Edinburgh and was really pretty. We then went to Ikea to get a fe...
Egg Hunt
Today was Easter, so my Mum, Dad and Nana came to visit bearing lots of eggs. I baked chocolate nests which are made from shredded wheat, chocolate, honey and sesame seeds. They're a family tradit...
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Happy Easter! Here are some of the fun links, awesome things and crafty projects I've seen on the web this week. These cupcake cupcake toppers are the most adorable things ever. I'm addicted to D...
Dolly The Sheep
We headed for breakfast at Piecebox this morning and Calum joined us. I had the Hell's eggs all to myself, as there was noone to split them with. We then went for a look around the museum.
Not Called Leslie
I spent today etching some jars for the bathroom.
The Chocolate Tree
Tom's been busy helping me redesign my blog this week and we finally finished it today. To celebrate, we treated ourselves to a feast of desserts at The Chocolate Tree. I had a cappuccino and haz...
Cut Out + Keep Sign
Tom fixed up my pegboard wall and wired in my light-up Cut Out + Keep sign and it looks so good. I've been planning out my new craft desk and all the things I want to put on my wall. I'm going to...


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