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Moonrise Kingdom
This week I'm going to DIY the look of Susie and Sam from the movie Moonrise Kingdom. Let's go on an adventure... We went to see this movie on Monday and it was instantly my new favourite. I loved...
Magazine Wallet
Today I made a magazine wallet for Sally's blog Les Femmes Folles: Nebraska Women in Art. It was lots of fun and so easy to do.
Lisa Lam's new book A Bag For All Reasons arrived this morning with a quote from me on the inside cover. It made me fell all important. I do love the book though and can't wait to make my own versi...
**Organize** _your_ **Emails**
If you start every email with "sorry for the late reply", discover invitations to exciting events that you missed, have to wait ages as your computer churns to open your inbox, or feel guilty for n...
Printworks Coffee
It was another really nice day today and Mum, Dad and Nana came through to visit. We headed out to Portobello but the beach was so full that we decided to head to Leith instead.
Calum & Harriet invited us over to their house tonight to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. We made a pizza to take along. Tom made mozzarella this time and it turned out so good.
Cat Hood
We've started to notice a pattern in all the coffee shops in Edinburgh. All the coffee is supplied by Artisan Road, the hot chocolate by Cocoa, the chocolate by the Chocolate Tree and the cakes by ...
Dinner In The Meadows
Jim & Christine stayed over last night so we went for breakfast at Piecebox this morning where I had the most amazing muesli for breakfast. The berries were so fresh and tasty. We were also fe...
Shirley Manson
This week I'm going to DIY the look of Shirley Manson from Garbage. Thick black eyeliner at the ready... Not only is Shirley from Edinburgh but she's the awesome front woman for the band Garbage. ...
The Good Seed
I couldn't resist sneaking back to Artisan Roast for another hot chocolate today. This time I tried the white chocolate, lemongrass, lavender and vanilla flavour which was equally amazon as the las...
Artisan Roast
We went to Artisan Roast for a drink today. The weather was so nice but I couldn't resist the lure of rose and black pepper hot chocolate. It tasted amazing and had a little face on top. I'd love ...
BBQ In The Meadows
It was such a lovely day today and Wendy was in Edinburgh, so we headed out to meet her. We met for lunch at Peter's Yard where I had a quinoa salad. A girl came up and asked if I was "Cat Morley"...
Tom and I went for lunch at Henderson's today, a vegetarian restaurant in the New Town. I had blueberry, raspberry and banana juice to start. I then had the warm butternut squash and tofu salad w...
**Links** _of the_ **Week**
Here are some of the tops links, projects and videos I've seen on the web this week. Drawing with leaves is a must-do for a nice day. This new Cat Cafe in Vienna is at the top of my to-visit list...
Georgie Farm
We went to Georgia Farm this morning with Mum and Nana. There were lots of new born animals to aww over. The lambs were making such funny sounds at each other. These pigs were so adorable and sl...
Union Jack Cushion
I've finally finished my Union Jack cushion which I started in September 2010 and had to put away for six months while we went to America.
Say Cheese!
We were sent a DIY Cheese Making kit from Urban Cheesecraft and decided to give it a go today. It was fun watching the curds and whey separate and seeing the cheese take form. We made mozzarella i...
We put our birdhouse outside for the first time. It had a webcam inside, so we're excited to see if anyone moves in.
Cameo Quiz
Tom designed me some stampers for Crafter To The Stars and they arrived this morning. There's three designs in different sizes and I love them so much. It was great timing too, as I have another t...
Cute Accessory Or Cunning Disguise?
It was Lynsey Munn's birthday today and I made her a moustache necklace as a present.
Russian Passion
Mum and Dad came through to visit today so we headed down to Stockbridge to enjoy the "last day of sunshine before the storm". We started off at Russian Passion, a little cafe serving traditional ...
We went to Project Coffee today and had a really tasty flapjack. We're starting a routine of trying out a new recipe every Friday to improve our cooking skills. I decided to start with spaghetti ...
I was sent a pack of Esslack food spray paints this morning and they're amazing. I have so many project ideas for these. We're going to be giving away sets of them on CO+K next month, so keep your...
The Road-Trip Issue
We launched the Snippets 26, The Road-Trip Issue today with former Pussycat Doll, Melody Thornton on the cover. We started this issue while in Omaha so it felt so good to get it finished after near...
Bokeh Photography
After many failed attempts, I've finally got the hang of bokeh photography. It's so pretty and really easy to make your own lens. I've added a how-to to Cut Out + Keep if you want to give it a go!
I couldn't resist making my own version of the cameo necklace. They're so much fun to make. Tom and Mal were busy at work today but we took a break for lunch at Piece Box. I tried the tuna sandwic...
Paint Chip Art
Tom's been doing a couple of weeks work for his old work LEAP ANYWHERE, so Mal came to stay for the night.
Union Canal
Mum, Dad and Nana came through to visit today and we took a walk along the canal. It was such a nice day and there were baby ducklings everywhere.
Burntisland Ice Tea
Jim & Christine came to visit today and we went for lunch at Falko, where I tried the beetroot and walnut salad. Afterwards we headed in to town to do a little book research. There were so man...
Epic Ale
Tom designed some labels for our homemade beer which we decided to call Epic Ale. It's really good but we can't wait to start brewing our second batch, which we will need to think up another quirk...


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