Cher from Clueless • Cat Morley

This week I'm going to DIY the look of Cher from Clueless. Pull up your knee high socks and let's get started...

Clueless was one of my favourite movies growing up and looking back, I'm not sure why Cher was one of my style icons in high school. After spotting a how-to for the perfect fluffy pen, this DIY the look was just far too fun not to do.

  1. Turn a t-shirt in to a cardigan with Zornista A.
  2. Chat to Dee in between classes on your customized phone like Beverly Z.
  3. Accessorize with a fabulous pair of felt heart earrings by Maleikie
  4. Make your own fluffy pen with Joanne N to note down important clueless thoughts. 
  5. Feel flirty in a pleated mini skirt by Laura N.
  6. Sew your own version of Chantelle Fashion's DIY elegant lace shirt.
  7. Carry your shopping in Mayra Deezy's easy peasy tote.
  8. Pull on a pair of fairy kei knee high socks like Annika G.
  9. Try to look intelligent for Josh with a pair of Imagine's zebra glasses.
  10. Pair with some gold or silver nautical flats by Jenna C.
  11. Get the Malibu look with KMOM14's nail art.

Which was your favourite movie growing up and who was your childhood style icon?