Helena Bonham Carter • Cat Morley

This week I DIY the look of actress Helena Bonham Carter.

I've had lots of requests to DIY Helena's gothic style over the past few months and this was so much fun to put together. So let's get started:

  1. Mold your own pair of Charity's spine earrings.
  2. Bejewel a safety pearl necklace with Jenna.
  3. Learn how to make mini top hats with Mickie.
  4. Recreate Mrs Lovett's make-up from Sweeney Todd with neijie.
  5. Squeeze in to Jessica's striped corset.
  6. Revamp a ruffled top shrug like Kriti.
  7. Sew a gothic net & lace skirt with Goth Kitty.
  8. Make your own version of Bellatrix Lestrange's bird skull necklace with Keladrey.
  9. Add shoe wings to your boots with jwodesigns.

What do you think of Helena's look?