Lana Del Rey • Cat Morley

This week we're going to DIY The Look of singer-sensation Lana Del Rey. So put on your best pout, grab your craft supplies and let's DIY!

Lana described her style as "Gangster Nancy Sinatra" combining Hollywood glamour with cut-off shorts and chunky chains. I love her heart-shaped sunglasses and floral headbands. This is a fun and budget-friendly look to recreate so let's get started...

  1. Exagerate your pout with Victoria S's tutorial for summer coral lips.
  2. Create some faux-Chanel studs with my how-to.
  3. Look prettywith itsSablesHawty's floral headband.
  4. Knit a chain necklace like Jet H.
  5. Stay mysterious behina a pair of Cutie Boots pearly sunglasses.
  6. Decorate a Balmain Sharpie punk shirt with Audrey Kitching.
  7. Pair your chain with a cross necklace by Krisandra.
  8. Paint your own pair of Alyssa C's star spangled shorts.
  9. Chain a pair of city girl boots with Jenna C.
  10. Look a little bit gangster with TheHappiiZombiie's Glittery Inverted Cross Double Ring.

What do you think of Lana's look and who's look would you love to DIY?