Natasha Khan • Cat Morley

This week, we're going to DIY The Look of Natasha Khan from Bat For Lashes. Grab a handful of feathers, bells and some war paint!

I've had several requests to DIY The Look for Natasha and I couldn't resist. I love the way she combines the tribal look with rock chick, accessorises with giant stage props and rocks bold bright make-up. Let's get started...

  1. Create an iris inspired look like Courtney L.
  2. Clip on a feather earring by Quiet Lion.
  3. Let Frankly Serious help you make a huge flower headband.
  4. Slip on Caeli L's eggshell mosaic bangle.
  5. Turn a skirt in to a kaftan dress with Elizabeth A.
  6. Keep a mask on hand for a costume change like Sandy's Anbu mask.
  7. Accessorize with Jade-Sarah D's dream catcher necklace.
  8. Pull the look together with a warrior belt by carlyjcais.
  9. Accompany your music with a pair of dance bells like Kybll.
  10. Make a pair of bedazzled moccasins with Audrey Kitching.

Which other musicians and singers would you like to DIY the look of?