PJ Harvey • Cat Morley

This week we're going to DIY the look of rock goddess PJ Harvey. Get ready to turn t-shirts in to dresses and stud a guitar strap!

PJ Harvey has been one of my style icons for years and years. She always looks good with a guitar and cut a Spice Girls t-shirt in to a dress to wear at Glastonbury one year! I might need a bit more confidence to pull of the look but I'll give it my best shot...

  1. Make an easy key choker with Rawr.Rawr.X.
  2. DIY a pair of Cat Morley's zip tap earrings.
  3. Recreate a green children make-up look with Doe Deere.
  4. Turn a t-shirt in to a dress with Andraste.
  5. Use leftover t-shirt scraps to make a pair of armwarmers with Emily.
  6. Stud a guitar strap like Rebecca S.
  7. Rock your own set of Starrys heart shaped guitar picks.
  8. Rock a pair of elastic banded pumps like carlyjcais.
  9. Paint a set of Maria's 4th of July Nails.

What do you think of PJ's style and which other ladies of rock do you love?