Camera Bag Essentials • Cat Morley

Here are my top ten accessories to carry in your camera bag for a fun photo-taking day out. Some are practical and some are just for fun. But the best thing? None of them cost more than a couple of dollars.

1. Battery powered fairy lights

Create bokeh anywhere, anytime (day and night) with battery powered fairy lights. They're relatively compact and you can pick them up really cheaply in the sales after Christmas.

2. Flash filters

Give your flash a different color with plastic filters. Simple but effective and you can make your own easily.

3. Bokeh lens

Add hearts, stars and any shapes you like to your photos with a DIY bokeh lens. Check out my Bokeh lens how-to to make your own!

4. Spare battery

Nothing's worse than running out of battery half way through they day, so packing a spare battery is essential. You can find non-brand versions quite cheaply online and they work just as well. Make sure to get the correct model for your camera because they're all different.

5. Box of chalk

There are lots of fun tricks you can do with chalk. Pack a box in your camera bag and take a look at my must-snap photos for some inspiration.

6. Reflector

Light up your subject with a reflector for a more professional shot. I got mine free with a photography magazine and it folds up nicely to fit in your bag.

7. Mini tripod

If you're planning to take lots of photos at night or with a long exposure then a mini-tripod is really handy. You can get them almost everywhere.

8. Macro lens converter

This is a really neat contraption that turns any standard lens in to a macro lens. It can be a little fiddly to set up but works really well and is much cheaper than the real thing.

9. Tube of glitter

A tube of bubbles, glitter, sequins or confetti is fun for taking blowing photos like this and this.

10. Camera remote

Most SLR cameras will work with a remote control. Great for including yourself in photos and a lot cheaper than an assistant.

(Dream camera bag by Kate Spade.)

What essentials do you need in your camera bag?