Dream Bedroom • Cat Morley

The bedrooms are my least favourite part of our house. They're quite small so there's not a lot we can do with them but I've come up with five must-do ideas that should transform them.

Quirky Headboards

I think the easiest and most powerful way to transform a boring bed, or even bedroom, is with an amazing headboard. For our room, I want to put a chalkboard wall behind the bed so that we can draw our own bed frame and change the design whenever we like. As for the guest room, I'm obsessed with the idea of making a cinema-style letter wall, so that we can put up our guests names in a Now Showing style way!

Bedside Lamp

A bedside lamp can pretty up your bedroom while giving you light to read. I'm torn between a pin-prick shade which will send pretty reflections around the room and an ultra chic scrap fabric shade. Perhaps I'll make both!

Cosy Bedding

Pair your awesome headboard with some cosy bedding for the perfect place to lay your head. There's nothing more inviting than a colourful patchwork quilt and lots of fluffy pillows and cushions.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights make everything better. Even if you're room is empty, you can turn off the lights and turn on some fairy lights to be transported in to a magical happy place. I'm planning on making some fairy light paintings as well as hanging lights behind sheer curtains to transform our bedroom.

Pretty Art

There's no better way to bring add own personality to a room and show off your creative skills than with some DIY art for the walls. It doesn't even have to be good - just use lots of colour and go crazy. The melted crayon art on CO+K is a great idea.

What would your dream bedroom be like?