Dream Office • Cat Morley

This week we've been busy planning out the new Cut Out + Keep HQ. Our office will also serve as my craft room, so storage space, organisation and inspiring things to look at are essential. Here's are the top five things I want to have in my dream office:

Minimal & Organised Desk Space

I find it so hard to concentrate when I'm surrounded by clutter and I've always dreamed of working in an office like the one in Ugly Betty or The Devil Wears Prada. Everything looks so sleek and organised. In an attempt to achieve this, I'm aiming to keep my desk as minimal as possible with only the essentials in sight. I bought a keyboard shelf which hides away my keyboard and mouse underneath, has a shelf for my Filofax, a dock for my iPhone, a cup holder and a USB hub for plugging in cables quickly. I also replaced our ugly office chairs with two white Conde Naste style chairs which are super comfy and are far more chic.

Light-Up Sign

I've always wanted a light-up sign for the office and I've seen some amazing ones of the internet. I've just finished making my own, in the shape of the Cut Out + Keep logo using frosted plastic and thick black card, which lights up on the inside with LED fairy lights.

Wall Map

I spotted an amazing map covered in pins while on our American road-trip and have been longing to make my own every since. I've ordered a giant wall-map, cork sheets, pin and paste from Amazon and can't wait to add the pins to everywhere I've been.

Magazine Wall

Every good magazine office has a wall with all their issues on display and to help myself feel like Anna Wintour, I'm going to make one with all the Snippets covers on display.

Pegboard Wall

Craft rooms can get super messy but a pegboard wall can do wonders to keep your desk tidy and your tools at hand. After one Google image search for "pegboard craft wall", I found hundreds of clever solutions for organising supplies - from spool racks for threads and ribbon dispensers to tin can pencil holders and a hook for ever single one of your tools. I've just set up my wall and put in orders for accessories and hooks.

What things would you have in your dream office?