Five Must-Snap Photos • Cat Morley

I've been getting stuck in my comfort zone with photography and taking safe shots that I know will work but can look the same after a while. To shake things up, I'm going to play with these five new techniques this weekend and I think you should give it a go too!

1. Outline With Chalk

Chalk is the current must-have accessory for your camera bag, so pick up a colourful box from the shop and add balloons, hearts and crowns to your shots.

2. Get Exteremly Close

The devil is in the detail and you can capture some really amazing things with the macro setting on your camera, so don't be afraid to get really really close to your subject.

3. Frame Your Shot

Framing a shot, literally or figuratively, can transform a boring image in to an amazing photograph. Grab an old picture frame and head to the park with your friends, or just use natural structures to add a subtle frame to your shot.

4. Make A Bokeh Lens

I've been wanting to try out bokeh for a while as the results look incredible. I found an awesome how-to on CO+K for making a bokeh lens and can't wait to give this a shot.

5. Play With Shadows

I've been taking shadow photos for a long time but I've seen some really creative ones that I'd like to try out. The trick for this is waiting for a perfectly sunny day and waiting until the sun is at just the right height in the sky.

You can see more inspiration on my photography board on Pinterest and make sure to show me how your shots turn out!