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This week we get to know my subscriber Simone Jaeger who lives in Berlin, Germany.

Simone's friends call her Mone and she lives in Berlin, Germany, She is a crafter, who discovered me through Cut Out + Keep, and she is a stay-at home-Mum to a toddler with a second baby due in September. Her hero is her Granny, who raised her and her favourite possessions are a sewing machine and chest full of wool.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A gardener, because I grew up on a farm and my Dad was a gardener too. Today I dream about being able to make a living from my crafts.

Where should we visit if we come to your town?

Despite of all the famous sights, I would recommend a shopping trip to one of the many "Humana" (second hand shops), like the one located at Alexanderplatz. Then have a Berliner Weiße, which is a beer with syrup in Kreuzberg, one of the most creative parts of Berlin. And you don't want to miss seeing one of the many fleamarkets or craft fairs, that are all over Berlin. If you want to go sight seeing, two funny ways would be a safari in a Trabant, the famous east-German car or you can get on a boat on the Spree with a guide.

"I dream about being able to make a living from my crafts"

Where do you look for inspiration?

Cut Out + Keep, Pinterest and a lot of craft books which are written by other bloggers and crafters. Everyday life inspires me a lot and I always strive to make as much as possible for myself, that's why I make many different crafts and styles.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

"Tie your laces and keep going" - something my Granny often said when I was sad or struggled.

What would your three wishes be?

That my boys grow up happy, healthy and with lots of love in their lives.

Make sure to check out Mone's blog (written in German & English) which is filled with crafts, recipes and the concerts she goes to.

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