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Selfie To Self Expression
Holly invited me to hang out with her today, so we headed to the Saatchi Gallery to check out the Selfie To Self Expression exhibition. On the ground floor was a room covered in screens with class...
Cinnamon Soho
Alison was meeting some friends for brunch at Cinnamon Soho and invited us along. Cinnamon is just of Kingly Court and we sat outside surrounded by colourful plants, cushions and suitcases.
Prince Of Wales
Alison was down in London this weekend to see Hanson (who I didn't realise were still playing) with two of her work friends and they had all come to stay with us. They'd brought me this gorgeous C...
Wonder Woman
Tom managed to get some tickets for James Corden's Late Late Show but he was at work, so I invited Davina to come along. We arrived early but they'd already given all of the guaranteed seats away a...
Sundance London
I've been having so much fun exploring Kennington this week, with all it's little streets, parks and squares. My favourite spot by far is Vanilla Black where I love to tuck into iced coffees and c...


Holly had the day off and invited me to hang out, so we started off by meeting Tom for lunch in Chinatown. I'd seen photos of bubblewrap waffles on Instagram and couldn't wait to try one.
Rin's Birthday
It's Rin's birthday tomorrow, so we joined him and Jenny to celebrate for the day. We started off with a feast at Pizza East because Jenny has a special keyring which gets her 50% off food and dri...
Pharmacy 2
It was Tom's first proper day off since our move to London so we were keen to head out and explore. We started with a short 10-minute walk to the Newport Street Gallery, where we had a table booke...
Mark & Priscilla's Wedding
I couldn't wait to try out my new blender again this morning, so I decided to make a blueberry coconut smoothie bowl for breakfast. Check out Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl on Cut Out + Keep
Space Station Sixty-Five
It was almost too hot to leave the house today but I couldn't resist checking out our new neighbourhood. Kennington has a really pretty rainbow high street dotted with cafes, restaurants and a boo...
Bobbin discovered the glass floor panel in our new place. It's like her human observation deck.
Bob Bob Ricard
We decided to treat ourselves to after work drinks and dessert at Bob Bob Ricard. Looking grand and art deco on a corner in Soho, waiters in pink waistcoats usher you through a luxurious green and...
It was Tom's first day at work today so I decided to surprise him with dinner, champagne and Lego MiniFigures when he got home. I got to put our new kitchen to the test and baked a Rosemary Chocol...
The Dog House
I'm in my element in London at the moment because there are ghost signs everywhere. I even have my own department store down in Brixton. For lunch, we tucked into some black bagels from Waitrose.
It was Bobbin's turn to be driven down to London today, in the back of our Figaro. She was really well behaved, snoozing most of the way but popping out to explore and eat prawns at the rest stops.
Bloom & Wild
Our estate agents, Urban Spaces sent us a gorgeous bouquet from Bloom & Wild to welcome us to our new home. Before flying home, we decided to go to Taylor Taylor for haircuts. My hair dresser...
Call Me Mr Lucky
After recovering from the move yesterday, we couldn't wait to head out into the city and check out our new neighbourhood. We're only a 10 minutes walk from Albert Embankment where there was an ama...
Moving Back To London
Today was the day of our big move to London and Tom had hired a van as big as our house to move all of our things. The drive was pretty boring, apart from the discovery of the vegetarian breakfast...
Bobbin was off to stay with Mum & Dad (or the in-paws as we like to call them) this weekend while we moved down to London, so we met halfway at South Queensferry. We went for lunch at Down The...
Wild West Morningside
Before we left Edinburgh, I wanted to take one last walk down my favourite street, Wild West Morningside. The street is hidden behind Morningside Library on Springvalley Gardens.
Mum came through to Edinburgh today and we went out for lunch at her favourite place, Falko Konditormeister. We shared the Welsh Rarebit, so that we could save some room for cake. It was delicious...
Maison Bleue Le Bistrot
Inspired by cuisines from around the world, Maison Bleue Le Bistrot brings a modern, unique and delicious take to Edinburgh's food scene. Nestled in the heart of Morningside, the bistrot is cosy b...
Survive Bar
One restaurant in Edinburgh that I can never get enough of is Bodega, a Mexican taqueria that fills it's tacos with super delicious and unique ingredients. It's a tiny restaurant on Leith Walk and...
Simply Be
Simply Be got in touch to ask if we'd like to put together a beachwear outfit, so I decided to create a 50's inspired sailor girl look. I picked this Oceana 50's skirt from Hell Bunny, a Beach to ...
Natsuki Otani created this gorgeous Crafterella art for Superhero Sunday and I love how colourful it is.
Nana came to visit today, so we took a drive along to Portobello Beach. Nana loves fish and chips, so we went for lunch at St Andrews Restaurant. I tucked into a tasty plate of scampi... though y...
The Anchoress
Burtons Biscuits smells amazing when we drive by and they're busy baking. There's a little portacabin around the back where you can buy bags of misshapen biscuits for £1. I couldn't spot anything...
Honeycomb & Co
A new lunch spot in Bruntsfield called Honeycomb & Co opened today, so we headed along to try it out. The window was filled with tempting looking cakes and there was a fridge full of amazing s...
Flamingosaurus Rex
It was a bank holiday today, so Tom and I decided to head out and see what's new in Edinburgh. Our first stop was Five Degrees on Barclay Place, which does breakfast, lunch, bubble tea and even a ...


The Dome
Though we've lived in Edinburgh for a long time now, we had never been to The Dome before until this evening. It was beautiful with a huge stained glass dome, sparkling chandeliers and gorgeous bo...


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