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We met up with Kenny & Laura for brunch at Akva this morning. It was Kenny's birthday a few days ago so we had brought him his presents. Even though the weather wasn't amazing, we didn't feel ...


I baked some cornbread muffins for breakfast with cheese, herbs and some vegetarian bacon bits which swelled up during baking and tasted just like bacon.


After meeting the awesome Edinsketcher last week, I was feeling inspired to try drawing Edinburgh too so I started with the view from Salt Cafe. You never notice how intricate all the architecture ...


We went for dinner at Wagamama and a movie with Mum & Dad this evening, where I had the tastiest tuna salad which I can't wait to try making at home. Tom had told Mum that we were going to see...


Calum stayed over at our house this evening and after dinner at the Vietnam House Restaurant, with coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell, we fed him cheese and made him watch The Jinx murderm...


We went back to Akva for breakfast this morning and I finally got to order some hasselback potatoes which were just as delicious as I remember. I also had some cardamon buns which were pretty tast...


A new bar, from the people who run Hemma has opened at the end of the canal called Akva and when I read they'd be serving their amazing hassleback potatoes, I couldn't wait to pop along. It was ve...


Mum's Birthday
It was Mum's birthday today, so I baked a double Tunisian Orange Cake, which is a flourless cake and added some quinoa to it because it's one of her favourite ingredients. I served it with whipped ...


It was so nice being able to wake up and have coffee on our balcony this morning. I was even inspired to bake a nice for lunch, just so we could sit out and eat it.


DIY Balcony
It was so hot in our house this morning and I said I wished that we could sit out on the balcony. The next thing I knew, we were heading to B&Q to pick up some wood so that Tom could build one.


Tom and I were in the mood for a mini road-trip today so we jumped in the Fig and headed up to Perth. Being a huge fan of towns with silly names, we couldn't resist taking a detour to see the town...


Lucky Cat Dim-Sum
It was Dad's birthday today and one of his favourite things is Dim Sum, so we decided to throw him a surprise Dim Sum party at our house. Being outnumbered by vegetarians, my Dad doesn't usually g...


When I started my drawing yesterday, I had estimated it would only take about 20 minutes to complete but many hours later, I was still working on it. We took a break at lunchtime to meet up with Ed...


A big box of colouring changing pens arrived in the mail from Chameleon Art to try out this morning and I couldn't wait to give them a go. You can lighten the colour of each pen and create really n...



After spending the night camping on Cramond Island we woke up and packed up our damp tents. It had been raining overnight but had stopped just in time for us to head back to land before the tide ca...


Camping on Cramond Island
We went for breakfast at Toast with my Mum this morning, which was a good idea because we had a big day camping ahead of us. In preparation I baked some s'more brownies topped with toasted marshma...


We like to try new places for lunch on Fridays and today we ended up munching on strombolis at Poddington's near Ikea. It was a very strange place so I don't think we'll go back anytime soon.


Artisan Cheesecakes
A new bakery has opened in Bruntsfield specialising in artisan cheesecakes with over 150 flavours. Of course, we want to try every flavour and better get started, so we stopped in to pick up a che...


After finding a packet of steamed bunnies at the oriental supermarket the other week, I was feeling inspired to make my own cute steamed buns. Alex had mentioned that the new Lotus Biscoff cookie s...


I made myself a pair of Crafterella comic strip shoes this morning and they look so cute. I didn't realise how easy it was to decoupage shoes and have lots of fun ideas for others to make too.


We met up with Kenny, Claire & Laura for dinner at Chop Chop this evening where we tucked into dumplings, a seaweed salad, and spring rolls. The peanut dumplings are my favourite but they're a...


Frisky Froyo were celebrating their 3rd birthday today and invited us along for some free froyo. I had a giant strawberry shortcake froyo, while Tom had a chocolate peanut butter brownie froyo, an...


We met up with my Mum & Dad for dinner in Dunfermline this evening where I got super excited to find a little close with hopscotch engraved on the floor. We'd read that an artist would be ligh...


I've never noticed this sign on Candlemaker Row before but we spotted it today after taking my Dad to the Dominion to see Mad Max. Tom got us tickets to the opening of a new bar called OX184 on th...


Lego Tuesday
Today marked my 100th day of inbox zero which is the longest I've every managed to do. For #LegoTuesday this week, I decorated a MiniFigure to look like Crafterella.