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Galatic Gala
Tonight was Google's Galactic Gala at Summerhall and I had a +3 so Kenny and Laura joined us too. It was a space themed party being held as part of the Science Festival. There was sorbet made with...


We finally caved in and treated ourselves to a Roomba. It was like getting a new pet when it arrived today and we sat watching it hoover the floor for hours. It's so much better than I thought it c...


I've been wanting to start a new podcast for a while and, as it's one of my new year's resolutions to get super organized, I realised that would be the perfect topic. I've already got a couple of ...


The big task for today was designing the fabric for my next Project Paperdoll dress and I decided to do make a purple tartan. Tom put together this amazing design which is going to be printed on a ...


The Book Thief
I'd went on a bit of a Groupon binge a few weeks ago and our last deal to use up was for afternoon tea at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The staff were so friendly and we were impressed with the decor, e...


We hadn't seen Calum in a while so decided to catch up at Cloister's, a nearby pub that none of us has been to before. It was really busy when we arrived but we got lucky and managed to grab a tabl...


A new gin bar called Mother's had opened in Edinburgh and we were keen to try it out when I spotted an offer for lunch on Groupon. The bar should have been very hipster with it's bowler hat lampsh...


Burger had a couple of new specials on the menu, so we decided to head along for dinner. Tom ordered a veggie dog which came wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried and smothered with onions, guacamole a...



We're running a giveaway for a Singer dressform on CO+K this month. They sent us one a couple of months ago to test out and it's been so handy to have around the office while dressmaking - like hav...


Mother's Day
It was Mother's Day today, so as a special treat, I'd book afternoon tea for everyone at The Boothy restaurant at the Murrayfield Hotel. Unfortunately we'd planned our tea for the same time as an ...


The window of Project Coffee seems to have become our new Saturday hangout spot, where we share a veggie breakfast and play guessing games about the people walking by. Our favourite games so far ar...


Hidden Door Festival
I won tickets to the Hidden Door Festival from Google, so Tom and I headed along to check it out this evening. The festival is set in a number of disused railway arches with bands, movies and perf...


I Spy Edinburgh
We were invited to Google's I Spy Edinburgh Party at the Camera Obscura tonight. The Camera Obscura was somewhere we were tempted to visit but imagined it being filled with kids, so we were excite...


Even though everything seems to be trying to get in the way of me keeping up my new year's resolution of sewing my own wardrobe - from my fabric getting stuck in customs to the Fabric On Demands pr...


Snip & Sip
Wanting to keep up our new tradition of #LegoTuesday, I treated Tom to a box of Cloud Cuckoo Land complete with action figures from the movie and UniKitty! We're going to be running a contest with...


It was such a lovely day that my parents decided to bring my Nana through so we could go on a mini road-trip adventure down to the borders. The weather soon started to turn as we made our way down ...


Tom and I went for a super late breakfast at Toast this afternoon. Their veggie breakfast is amazing but also gigantic, so I was happy to have someone to half it with. I had a gift voucher which w...


I was wondering why this Itison deal caught my eye when it popped in to my inbox this morning when I realised that I had taken the photo - I though "hey, I know that bagel!" We got some sad news a...


Lego Tuesday
We walk past the toy store in Morningside every week and always get tempted to go in to see the Lego. This week we caved and decided to start a new tradition of buying and building Lego on Tuesdays!


Butterfly & Insect World
I got a deal for tickets to the Butterfly & Insect World so we took my parents and Nana along for a day out. I was in primary school the last time I visited but it felt exactly the same almost ...


Tom and I had rail vouchers which were about to expire so we decided to take an impromptu trip up to Aberdeen and give our new couple's pass a spin. Though I'd visited when I was little and we'd p...


The Enchanted Issue
We launched Snippets 31, The Enchanted Issue today with Emilie Autumn on the cover today. We had to put the magazine on the back burner while we worked on the book so it felt good to finally get th...


Purple Filofax
Jamberry Nails sent me a pack of their custom nail wraps which I attempted to put on. It was quite tricky at first because I'm not great at nail art but I was impressed with the finished result. Ev...


Ash was visiting from London so we met up with her, Rob and a few of their friends at Captain's Bar. There was live folk music in the evening and it felt like we were in a Visit Scotland advert.


Uncommon Goods
It's not every day that I wake up to a diamond in the mail but this morning I was super lucky when Uncommon Goods sent me this gorgeous Nebraska state necklace from their shop. It's so pretty!