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Rabbit In The Fur Coat
Today was so much fun because Louise, one of my best buddies from high school, was down in London for a job interview. We started with lunch on the Narrowboat Cafe at Little Venice. I took her bac...


Hundred Reasons
This evening we headed up to Islington for a night of gigging. We started with sushi at Yo! beforehand, where we bumped in to Ross and his band THE MARS PATROL. We've known Ross for years, since he...


High On The Rooftops
Today was gorgeous and sunny, so we headed down to Westbourne Park and sat in the Grand Union's beer garden next to the canal. I'm interviewing Princess Superstar for the new issue of Snippets and...


Unto This Last
I had an appointment at Taylor Taylor this morning, where a lovely French man chopped up my hair and discussed French politics. He was impressed by my DIY highlights. After that we headed to the p...


Hampstead Heath
Tom played a really funny April Fool on me today. There’s a designer on the net who’s also called Cat Morley and Tom set my domain, to forward to her website so that I would think I h...



VenusZine Insider
My project for making a gardening tool belt was featured in the latest newsletter from Venus Zine!


While The Road Ahead Is Sunny
I'm working on a new article for Alt fashion Magazine so I fired up my sewing machine today. It's the Steampunk Issue so I made a Gothic Lolita Cuff.


Go Square Go!
Tonight was Cupcakes, Cocktails & Cross Stitch over in East London. Tony came along too and stitched an awesome bomb (!/tonydaly/status/1397059599). I stitched my name, the ...


Freshly Butchered
Freshly Butchered rated Cut Out + Keep as no. 2 in their Five best websites ever!


Little Fishy
It’s my Nana’s birthday next week, so I made her a hedgehog card and a Fish To Sushi Plushie. We're hoping to start a new website soon, not completely dissimilar to CO+K but with a more interiors ...


Stitch & Craft
Today was the Stitch & Craft at the Olympia, which was a gigantic craft show filled with stalls and hundreds of people, you could hardly move! We even had an advert in their visitor guide.


The Thrift Lifestyle
Tonight I was at a book launch for Charity Shopping & The Thrift Lifestyle. It was quite interesting and we met a comedian who seems to be friends with, or has dated, every famous artsy person ...


Not Going To SXSW Party
We were suppose to be going to see a Placebo rehearsal tonight but instead Sean threw a ‘Not going to SXSW’ party at the Texas embassy which had amazing tacky decor and served delicious frozen marg...


Blue Monday
It was such a lovely sunny day today and it feels like summer’s coming. Tim at Warwick Avenue Station had written “It was such a lovely day you could have forgotten it was Monday (oops sorry)” on t...


Dress For Success
Tom and I decided to have a touristy day in London today, starting with lunch in Knightsbridge. If you're getting a photo taken in a phone booth, don't look at the floor. Tom surprised me this bo...


Craft Zine
CRAFT Magazine issue 10 just arrived through the mailbox and there’s a link to Cut Out + Keep in one of the articles. It’s awesome because we thought we were never going to make it in to the magazi...


Rain In Knightsbridge
Every time we go to Knightsbridge it starts raining. We went for a look around Harrods today and when we got out, there was a huge thunder storm. We sheltered at a table outside of Pret-A-Manager ...


Beating Like A Hammer
We took Laura and Andrew to Westfield shopping today and they were amazed by the size of the place. There was an awesome bag seat in one of the stores. Tom bought me a new teapot from Paperchase.O...


Tom’s old Wangbar colleague Andrew was down visiting from Dundee today with his girlfriend Laura, so we met up them and went to Gordon’s Wine bar at Embankment. Sean Adams had recommended the place...


Princess Road
We went for lunch at my favourite place today, the Narrowboat Cafe at Little Venice. Afterwards we walked along the Regents Canal to Primrose Hill. On the way we found a set of proper police hand...



We went to see Lisa's chickens again today. They're so cuddly and soft. I'd love to have some one day.


Pancake Day
Today was pancake day, so my Nana came over and helped me make Funnel Cakes. Funnel cakes are crispier than normal pancakes and taste so good with maple syrup.


My Mum and I started watching the series Pushing Daises tonight and have fallen in love with it. It’s a forensic fairytale which is similar to Amelie. We're going to try and watch the whole series ...


Valentine's Day
Today we headed down to Clifton Nurseries to admire all the flowers. It was Valentine's Day, so there were lots of pretty roses. We then went down to Notting Hill so we could have a look through P...


Nom Nom Nom
This morning we took Tom's parents for breakfast at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen. It’s a busy place with chefs running around everywhere with crates of vegetables and plates of brownies.