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The Persuasionists
My Manic Street Preachers, Journal For Plagued Lovers album arrived today. It comes in a little book and it's the last album of songs written by Richey Edwards.


Thrash Hits Birthday Party
We received a press release about our next-door-neighbour, King Charles, so we quizzed him for the Cut Out + Keep blog.


Room Divider
We got a new string curtain room divider for the Mews. I’d seen something similar for £80 in Habitat but decided to look on eBay and got it for £30.


Just A Penny On the Train Tracks
Today was the last day of The Great Escape and, after arriving at Brighton train station, we bumped in to Ben Kweller who'd been on the same train as us.


Drift In To A Deep Fog
Today was the second day of The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. We stash all of our loose change in a jar near the door, so we brought it along today to gamble in the penny falls. It got rathe...


The Great Escape
Today we were in Brighton for The Great Escape music festival. A lot of people have told me that I’d love Brighton and I do. It's a place to become a sailor girl and hang out with mermaids and onl...


Queens Of Vintage
Lena from Queens of Vintage has republished my how-to for Resizing Tees.


The End Of Time Is The Start Of Eternity
Today I went for lunch with Lynsey at Little Venice. She’s my friend from high school and has just moved to London, so it’s all new and exciting for her. We had a great time catching up and gossipi...


Monday's Are Like The Wind To Sailing
Today we hit up Blue Monday at Yo Sushi! with Tony, where we had way too many plates. Afterwards we went for a few drinks, where we found out that Tony had been given a Blue Peter badge when he wa...


Dim Sum
This morning we went for Dim Sum in China Town. Dim Sum is a Chinese breakfast where they cart around plates of steamed food and you pick what you like. The idea is to try a bit of everything and ...


Crafting Heaven
I woke up in craft heaven this morning when the postman brought two huge boxes of craft tools that Official Fiskars Page had sent to me to play with.


As Seen On TV
This morning we went for breakfast at Fifteen. I had my usual which is scrambled eggs on sourdough with a tasty smoothie. My Dad really liked the simple clay pots they had for salt and pepper, so...


Mad Hatter
Today I went to the Anthology exhibition at the V&A with my Mum. Stephen Jones has made some gorgeous hats, I'd love to own one someday. Mum treated me to tea and cake in the cafe.


The Garden Trail
This morning we went to the Apple Store, which my Dad has started calling church. We stayed to watch a bit of a workshop which was really cool. We then went on the Garden Trail, where private gard...


Every Day Is Like Sunday
Today we went for high tea in Highgate Village, which is becoming a Sunday tradition. After tea, we laid in the park and watched the planes fly overhead. There was an awesome cow milk jug.


Camden Pirate Club
This morning we took Bruce for breakfast at Plan 9, where I had a very tasty muesli sundae. Afterwards we headed down to Little Venice where the Canal Cavalcade was taking place. The cavalcade is...


Happy Feet
Tom ordered me a pair of gorgeous red Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes and they arrived in the mail this morning. I couldn’t wait to try them on and they’re the perfect fit. There was a second deli...



Snippets was mentioned on the Threadbanger blog and Cut Out + Keep in their latest newsletter.


The Great Bear
I got Tom a Great Bear poster, which is a map of the underground but the station names are replaced with names of famous people from history. We live at Thomas Edison on the Engineer’s line.


Starlet Mirror
Tom decided that he was going to be the most amazing boyfriend ever and headed up to Ikea, in Edmonton at 8pm last night, to get supplies and make me the mirror from my dreams. We painted the mirr...


Pin-Up Girl Bootcamp
Today was a very long but fun day. I got up super early and headed to Elephant & Castle for a 1950?s hair and make-up class, which I had been invited to review for Cut Out + Keep.


Bag Organizer
I decided to reorganize my desk today. I'm going for a more minimal feel and it's making me feel so much more relaxed already. I made an organizer for my bag out of Cath Kidston oil cloth, which ...


Highgate Cemetery
We headed over to Old Street this morning for breakfast at Fifteen. I had scrambled eggs on toast with a delicious smoothie. We then headed up to Highgate to take a tour of the cemetery.


High Tea of Highgate
We started today by feeding the ducks at Little Venice which was nice and relaxing. We then went for a bite to eat at Roma’s. They do really nice paninis but they're hot on the outside an cold in ...


Rabbit Hunt
My mum sent us down a package with presents for Easter including this cute sewing kit and some money for our Easter meal – we're thinking of Me ? Sushi. We went on the hunt for rabbits to stroke t...