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Hot Brown Honey
It was so nice waking up in Glasgow this morning as we headed out to explore. The weather was perfect - just cold enough to wrap up, but sunny and bright, so we took a walk through the Botanic Gar...


Ignition Festival
Because Tom loves watching cars go round and round, I applied for passes for Ignition Festival in Glasgow this weekend. The festival was at the SECC and they'd closed off the surrounding streets t...


The Stand
We had another busy day at the Fringe today. Tom spotted this poster, which made made us laugh. Our first stop was the Apex Hotel in the Grassmarket for the Sweet Venue launch party. There were c...


Assembly Gala
It was another full day for us at The Fringe today, starting with The Caves preview show. The Kagools were the first act, and we were so glad we didn't sit at the front when they covered their fac...


Festivals Magazine Launch Party
We were invited to the Festivals Magazine launch party in George Square tonight. Last year, Ailsa & Jack joined us so it only felt traditional to invite them again. We had some deep fried hal...


Pinnies & Poppy Seeds
Tom and I picked up our blogger passes for the Fringe today, and even though it doesn't officially start for a few more days, the city was already filling up with tourists and performers. This cig...



Bobbin's mum Firenza had a new batch of boy kittens, so Ginny invited us down to meet the litter. We took my parents with us too and Firenza seemed pretty smitten with my Dad. The new kittens wer...


Bryant & Mack
We haven't seen Kenny & Claire in ages, so we decided to meet for dinner at Yeni Meze Bar. We ordered lots of little plates of sardines, filo cigars, risotto balls and baklava. It was all deli...


I met Tom after work today and we went for a crepe at the street market. They're pretty good but we wish they'd wrap them in a cone like they do in Paris. We were lucky enough to get the secret bo...


I've been busy crafting to the stars for Catherine AD and making an Anchoress tiara with cameos and chains. We're hoping that she can wear it at her Glasgow show next month, but as she moves aroun...


The Waterside
We discovered a lovely little bistro called The Waterside, right next to the river in Haddington and stopped in for a quick dinner this evening. They've got an option to build your own sharing bo...


Michelle Lin created this gorgeous seamstress illustration of Crafterella. Tom took me to the Dominion this evening and we sat in the twinkly star bit right at the back.


Karen Mabon Sleepwear Salon
It was the final night of Edinburgh Fashion Week, running from the 21st to 24th of July, and Karen Mabon was ending the festival in style with her Sleepwear Salon. Held at the gorgeous Waldorf Ast...


Loraine has a new flat and it was her birthday so she had a housewarming party and I decided to make her a marquee light. I used an old chocolate box as the frame and punched holes through the bac...


I've been struck down with a really nasty cold this past week but the weather was so nice today, that Tom and I went and sat on Portobello Beach in the evening. It was fun watching everyone catch P...


The Three Bridges in South Queensferry has reopened as a Harry Ramsdens making it the perfect place to have fish and chips while looking out over the sea. It was so hot this evening that it didn't...


I picked up some New Orleans granola from Lupe Pintos yesterday and tried it for breakfast this morning. It was soooo spicy but helped wake me up. Bobbin managed to sniff out her presents in the m...


One of my heroes, Rob Reger who created Emily Strange drew this amazing illustration of Crafterella for us. Though I'm not too fussy about the monsters to catch in Pokemon Go, I really like discov...


The Falkirk Wheel
We've been meaning to visit the Linlithgow Canal Centre for a while, as it's usually off season when we pass by it, but we managed to catch it while it was open today. There's a mini museum, canal...


Lush Kitchen
Vicky and I were invited to a blogger event at Lush Livingston where we'd spend an evening making face masks, learning about beauty products, getting massages and receiving colour consultations.


We went to see the new Ghostbusters film with Izzy and Pamela after work today. I loved the female Ghost Busters and kind of want to dress up as them for Halloween. We went for a drive afterwards ...


I've been a huge fan of Emily Strange since I was a teenager and I was so excited when her creator, Rob Reger drew his take on Crafterella. It was Elvis night at Say It Ain't Sew, so Tom and I tea...


T In The Park 2016
We were at T In The Park today and, even though he grew up nearby, it was Tom's first time at the festival. Our first challenge was to navigate the Figaro's tiny 12" wheels through the muddy carpa...


We went for breakfast at Tribeca this morning so I could tuck into some peanut butter waffles and Tom could have poached eggs. We're off to T In The Park tomorrow so in preparation, I started deco...


A new Mexican restaurant called Topolabamba opened on Lothian Road today. We'd tried the one in Glasgow with Jenny last year and were excited to hear they were opening in Edinburgh too. Considerin...