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The Arches
When I heard there was a new statue of a bear in Princes Street Gardens, I got pretty excited, and then I heard his backstory and I couldn't wait to meet the guy! It was a lovely warm evening, so ...


The Fandom Issue
I woke up feeling determined this morning - we were finally going to launch Issue 32 of Snippets, even if it killed me. Having spent two years in waiting, this is the first issue I'd given up cont...


Bunting Night
I finally finished stitching my cushion for the back of Fig with the help of Plymouth Yarn today and the colours are spot on. It's going to live on the back seat to keep our passengers cosy. Check...


Crazy Cat Lady Studios
Nikolas Ilic created this amazing cartoony Crafterella for Superhero Sunday yesterday. I don't want to sound paranoid but I'm starting to think that Katie & Phil's business model might be focu...


The Flying Scotsman
It's not every day that you get to see The Flying Scotsman, but today we were lucky enough to see it twice, while the train was making it's way across Scotland to celebrate completing it's 10-year ...


Eurovision 2016
Tom treated me to a tasty breakfast of avocado toast topped with a fried egg. It was exactly what I needed to fuel my day, as I'd be spending the morning food shopping in Swedish deli's, and the af...


Night At The Museum
We were lucky enough to be invited to the Museum Lates: Celts at the National Museum Of Scotland tonight, where Idlewild were playing a headlining set. Lots of people we knew were also going, so w...


Each week, I'm going to challenge myself to cook with a new ingredient that I've never used before and this week it was a dragonfruit that I got from Whole Foods at the weekend. My first idea was ...


Tom surprised me with this gorgeous Cat Lady pin badge from Little Arrow Studio today, making it obvious that he's got me totally figured out. We've been tucking into lots of tasty salads recently...


Rosa De Los Reyes created this gorgeous Crafterella for Superhero Sunday today. This Is Your Cookbook got in touch to see if I'd like to put together a cookbook, featuring 36 of my own recipes.


My Dad treated us to breakfast at Piecebox this morning where I had a super tropical looking peanut butter smoothie. Bobbin finally got a chance to try out her new Campervan Carrier with a trip to...


We only just discovered that there's a Whole Foods Market in Glasgow and decided to head along for lunch this afternoon. There was so much to choose from and everything looked amazing, but we sett...


We reached Aglio E Olio in our Pasta A-Z and this dish was creamy with garlic mayo and tasted great with Quorn roast chicken. Check out Spaghetti Aglio E Olio on Cut Out + Keep


We were making bluebells at Say It Ain't Sew Tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to end up with a massive bouquet of felt flowers by the end of the summer.


Mary Winkler sketched this adorable Crafterella for Superhero Sunday today. I love her glasses! We met up with Mum, Dad and Nana for dim sum at the Imperial Palace this morning. Even though we arr...



August 21
There's no shortage of coffee shops here in Morningside but I'm always on the hunt for new places to work from, so I was super excited to see August 21 had opened a new cafe. We headed along for b...


I've never baked banana bread before, because Tom hates bananas, but I've been missing out because it's delicious. Check out Banana & Walnut Bread on Cut Out + Keep


Crafty Toolbelt
A while ago, I designed Crafterella a crafty toolbelt with pockets for all of her favourite tools and I've always been a little jealous of it. When the Dutch Label Shop sent me hundreds of custom ...


This Is Tokyo
We got an exciting message from Jenny last night, telling us that she would be up in Edinburgh today for a VIP event at Yo Sushi!, and that she'd put us on the guest list. We weren't too sure what...


Tom's starting to really enjoy our mission to cook our way through the pasta alphabet and tonight, he requested Spaghetti Puttanesca because he loves anchovies. Check out Spaghetti Puttanesca on C...


Little Mermaid Camisole
Brown Sheep sent me some of their Nature Spun yarn, all the way from Nebraska, to test out for CO+K. When I put the colours of yarn together, I knew what to make instantly and started crocheting a...


Edinburgh Zoo
We were invited along to Edinburgh Zoo for a visit today and I was really exciting because I haven't been in years, probably since I was on a school trip in Primary School. Our first stop was the ...


Cat Eye
Nunn Design sent me some of their crystal clay to experiment with and I decided to make a pair of Cat Eye Sunglasses. They're very supervillain-esque and now I just need to wait for some sunny weat...


Blueberry Cove Beads asked me if I'd like to make some jewellery tutorials for their subscription boxes and I couldn't resist the chance to moonlight as a jewellery designer. It's the perfect way t...


I was crafting with Sock Dreams today and making a pair of charm cuff socks. They looked so pretty but not as pretty as Bobbin, my assisant who wanted to help model them. Check out Charm Cuff Sock...